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Meet Our Team

Our team of creatives, artists, techies and industry professionals curate new media for an ever-changing environment of artistic expression.

Stephen Ellestad

President / Chief Executive Officer

As the founder and pioneer of Innervoice Media, Stephen is a mastermind of all things film, music, and business. With a wild past as a session musician, touring musician, band manager, and music professor, Stephen has seen the industry from every angle. He built this company with the intention of providing inspiration and top-notch creative services to all artists, from the industry professional down to the starry-eyed amateur. There ain’t nobody like Stephen. He pisses fire. He smells like elderberries. And dude, he’s seen Bigfoot.

Matt Eversole

Marketing Director / Content Creator

Really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really creative. And handsome. And creative.

Alex Mayer

Audio Team Manager

Alex is an audio engineer and electronic artist continuously broadening his knowledge of sound design and the tools used to create. With a degree in audio engineering, Alex knows our audio systems like the back of his hand - in fact, he has run over 1000 cables throughout the studio! He loves pushing sound beyond its limits and creating new soundscapes using synthesizers. Whether you need tense horror sound effects, or nostalgic 80s synthwave, Alex is your man. Contact to move forward on an audio project or to get details on upcoming audio events.

Daria ReGester

Business Manager / Social Media Manager

Daria brings her lust for efficiency and organization to her role as IVM’s very own Business Manager and Social Media Coordinator. With her new role as Social Media Coordniator Daria works on keeping the content fresh and exciting for all viewers to enjoy. She likes pigs, she likes theatre, she likes all things Disney. Daria has a background in choral singing, running the sound for theatre productions, and has a degree in audio engineering. Daria may be soft-spoken, but she speaks her mind with brutal honesty while bringing her passion for music to the office.

Patrick Pujol

Rental Manager / Video Team Manager

With humble beginnings as a mere intern, Patrick quickly climbed the ranks due to his robust work ethic and willingness to learn. At first knowing not a thing about filmmaking, he’s now a director’s prodigy, wielding the biggest and baddest camera gear in the world. Give Patty any task and he’ll get it done - that’s why he’s our ‘whatever guy’. Don’t be fooled by his rugged exterior. Patrick’s a sweetheart, just not when he’s hungry.

Curtis Martin

Production Associate

Curtis is a camera operator and production assistant for the Innervoice team. Prior to his transition six years ago into the film industry, he spent ten years as a travel and wildlife photographer. When Curtis isn’t behind the camera, you can find him at a local brewery planning his next adventure abroad.

Andrew Conn

Audio Post Supervisor / Composer

Andrew is an electric bass player turned audio engineer and composer. He has a degree in Contemporary Writing and Production from Berklee College of Music. Andrew has 11 years worth of freelance experience in audio engineering and music production.

Matthew Alger

Information Systems Manager

As IVM’s Info Systems Manager, Matthew has dialed in many of our essential control systems. He knows more than a thing or two about computers, making him our go-to for tech troubleshooting and logistical prospecting. He also has an affinity for set design, eagerly jumping in to create the visual world for a variety of productions. You can also catch Matthew running our teleprompter for productions, running our ATEM in the booth, and capturing drone footage out in the field.

Mason Fitzhugh

Audio Engineer / Sound Designer

Utilizing his experience and passion for sound, Mason is one of our in-house Audio Engineers and studio builders. As co-host to the West Coast Modular Society, he is always sharing his love for analog synths and music making with anyone who wants to jam along. Always happy to lend a hand, whether it’s gaffing/lighting on set, rolling cables, or holding a camera, Mason is a jack of all trades capable of assisting on many sets and projects.

June O'Neill

Graphic Designer

June helps us express and market our ideas and creations visually. June has 25+ years experience in the field of Graphic Design. As a life long creative, June knew she wanted to be a Graphic Designer in high school while serving as Editor on the yearbook staff using Aldus Photoshop 1.0 (with no layers!). From there her idea grew and blossomed. After getting her degree in Graphic Design, her first job in the industry was as a sign designer. During that time she also began djing and used her love of design to create event flyers and logos for fellow artists. She soon became a bit of a June-Of-All-trades delving into radio, catering, event coordinating, voice overs, craft making, nails art and more. But thru it all, she has used her skills as a graphic designer to enhance all of her endeavors. She has become well seasoned with Adobe Creative Suite and a master of Photoshop, Illustrator and CorelDRAW. She loves all things audio and visual and is pleased to work with Innervoice Media to help bring ideas to reality.