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For independent producers and small agencies. we offer a broad variety of production equipment at a variety of price points and quality, from budget to mid to high end cameras, lens and kit. We know that projects and clients at this level encompass a huge range of budget, scope and production value. The wide scope of our inventory at this point gives you opportunities to level up your production value and speed with tools for camera, lighting, sound, prop and production tools.

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Without holding your budget or forcing you to purchase equipment with little regular use in your typical work. Ultimately, this means you can try out that new lens, explore different tools or get the perfect drone shot, without having to go out of pocket at retail or bust your budget or margin.


We provide creators the tools they need as they develop as filmmakers and creative visionaries. We offer a range of equipment rental tailored to the student, novice or intermediate filmmaker. Cause truth be told, it’s not about the gear – you don’t need much to tell a great story on screen.

Our entry and intermediate rental range isn’t just cameras and lenses and sound kits – from slates to scrims, from follow focus to flag kits, you can get affordable and practical experience as you develop your cinematic storytelling skillset.

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RED. Canon. Arri. Zeiss. Leica. Angenieux. Schneider. Matthews. Kessler. Ikan. Blackmagic.Schoeps. Neumann. Audio Development. These are the tools that the industry uses. We have a small but incredibly well equipped rental inventory capable of supporting major network and studio level projects. We offer preferential rates and priority to established production companies and properties.

For regional (NorCal) production companies and agencies, it means you no longer have to rent by mail or drive hours to ensure you have industry standard rentals like RED Dragon or Monstro, Canon C200/300/500, Zeiss Superspeed, Schneider Xenon, Leica, Angenieux and more. Camera departments can pick up the Steadicam, Helix, Jib or Dolly. Or an extra set of Arri or Kino, LED panels, fresnels, scrims or flag kits.


No matter where you are based, we can’t wait to discuss your production requirements. Our team will work with you to ensure you have what you need when you need it, with extensive rental and service support, up to and including several custom built on site tools to ensure even the most remote location have power and onsite production tech capacity.

Our custom remote solutions include a custom built pull behind mini grip trailer and a weather proof military communications shelter customized for remote film production support, offering power and secure, dry video village, media ingest and backup, and on location edit for dailies and test shots. Both systems and our production service truck are also equipped with deep cycle battery bank and 4kW ancillary generator power systems for dependable power no matter how remote your location.