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innervoice media


Sketch to Final Frame – Making a Music Video

When I listen to music, I can’t help but imagine visuals for it. It’s like watching movies in my mind. Certain sounds evoke certain colors: sadness is a murky blue-grey, nostalgia is burnt ochre, freedom is a vibrant red. When Jaclyn Lovey came to me with her song ‘My Extraterrestrial’, my head started swarming with ideas immediately. From the beginning, I heard pink, purple, shimmering silvers and playful primary colors. The song is about falling…
May 26, 2021
Demon Pig Warrior in fire background

Horror Special Effects Review

Greetings, Earthlings! This is Xander, the WonderLab's Production Designer extraordinaire, here to tell you about my forays into special effects last October. I asked Stephen if I could create some spooky characters throughout the month to advance my skills and portfolio as a special effects artist. He told me I could do three characters, choosing between classic folklore horror, creepypasta, American Gothic, Creature feature monster, and sci-fi/fantasy horror. I got cracking right away, excited to…
March 17, 2021