Every single project that comes through the WonderLab has one thing in common: it all starts with a great idea, a vision and a goal. Everything beyond that comes down to execution. How do you turn that great idea into an award winning film? A groundbreaking web series? That new track blowing up across social media? Or the artist everyone with next level streaming and media content on the scene? That’s where we come in.

As production scope grows, so do the planning headaches. We are available to advise, support, consult or provide project management support for your project. WonderLab project management offers planning, scheduling, logistical project assistance and steering to minimize production hangups, disruptions and overruns. We have a variety of solutions for projects both big and small, with options for every budget and production requirement.


This includes critical path development, equipment and personnel tasking and allocation across multiple sets or locations, resource management and logistics planning support. We can help you develop and/or execute production projects from development through pre-production, production and post-production cycles, for projects of all size and scope.


While most projects tend to focus on the actual production, we can offer in-house or seamless partner support for more complex parallel processes – helping you schedule and manage your financial schedules, track funding pool releases, permitting or bureaucratic processes, alongside big picture milestones, targets and dependent tasks.


And if you have several existing projects ready to shop, ship or show? We can help there too, with post project support. Do you need to manage sequential PR releases, send screeners cross country or abroad? Are you trying to coordinate submission schedules with a variety of requirements and deliverables for festivals? Or submit to showcases or other marketing or distribution requirements?